Ranked #1 Real-Estate


1251 NW 61st St., Miami, 33142

Consists of (4) 2/1's CBS, built in 1964 sqft. 2,781  has central A/C rented for $1,250/mo Per Unit. Access is by appointment.

Start Bid:$575,900
Buy Bid:$585,000

2706 NE 1st St, Homestead, 33033

4/3 sq ft 2,093 Lot sq ft 6,370 built 2015, general updates needed,will be vacant at closing, access is by appointment.

Start Bid:$300,500 
Buy Bid:$310,000

11559 SW 236th St, Miami, 33032

5/3 sq ft 3,429 Lot sq ft 5,000 built 2006, some updates needed,will be vacant at closing, access is by appointment.

Start Bid:$318,000 
Buy Bid:$328,000

2955 NW 50th St, Miami, 33142

3/1 sq ft 1,185 Lot sq ft 4,500 built 1953, needs general updates, will be vacant at closing,access is by appointment.

Start Bid:$208,000 
Buy Bid:$218,000

156 NE 26th Ave. Homestead,  33033

3/3 sq ft 1,926 Lot sq ft 5,000 CBS, built in 2013, water front, needs updates, access by appointment.

165 NE 24th Terr sold $358k
132 NE 24th Terr sold $330k
2449 NE 2nd Dr sold $330k

Start Bid:$307,000 
Buy Bid:$317,000

2231 NW 91st St, Miami, 33054

Duplex -Each structure is a 2 /1  CBS, sq ft 1,865 built in 1947, Property is two Detached Homes on 1 Lot (Legal) both units currently rented month to month, access by appointment.

Start Bid:$289,900 
Buy Bid:$299,000

2231 NW 51st  St, Miami,  33142

2/2 sq ft 1,117 Lot sq ft 8,929 CBS, built in 1944, has newer electrical , plumbing, central A/C, kitchen in good shape with Granite counter tops, good roof, tile flooring. Will be vacant at closing, access is by appointment.

5201 NW 24th Ct sold $205k (2/1(
5535 NW 24th Ct sold $195k (2/1)

Start Bid:$185,000 
Buy Bid:$195,000

2120 NW 91st St, Miami, 33147

3/2  sq ft. 1,100 Lot sq ft. 6,351 built 1973, Tax roll has it recorded as 3/1 it's currently a 3/2 plus a washer/dryer room. Square footage is inaccurate in public record, actual square footage to be announced. Recently redone roof, almost finished reno project not much more to complete, vacant,access by appointment.

Start Bid:$218,000
Buy Bid;$228,000

1319 NW 71st Terr. Miami, 33147

2/1 sq ft 1,081 Lot sq ft. 5,040 built 1941,property was scheduled to be Demoed but can be avoided per the City if a permit is pulled Before the end of January 2020 and the project is started within 120 day after pulling the permit. * Check with City for most current info regarding this *

Start Bid:$115,000
Buy Bid:$125,000

14330 NW 21st Ct. Opa Locka, 33054

2/1 sq ft. 594 Lot sq ft. 5,600 CBS, built 1950,no liens, will be vacant at closing, access by appointment. * Do Not Disturb * 

Start Bid:$130,000 
Buy Bid:$140,000

11925 SW 274th St. Miami, 33032

3/2 sq ft 1,459 Lot sq ft 5,405 CBS, built in 1990, updates needed, vacant at closing, access by appointment..

11842 SW 272nd Terr sold $255k
 12031 SW 272nd Terr sold $250k

Start Bid:$216,900 
Buy Bid:$226,000

1110 NW 65th St Miami, 33150

3/1 sq ft. 1,000  Lot sq ft.   built  in 1954.  Tile Roof, central A/C, decent condition for a rental, some updates needed for a flip, access by appointment.


Start Bid:$195,900 
Buy Bid:$205,900

6422 SW 24th St Miami, 33155

2/1 sq ft. 1,497 Lot sq ft.   built  in 1951 ,needs updates throughout, access by appointment.


Start Bid:$253,000 
Buy Bid:$263,000

3293 Nw 4th St Miami, 33125

2/2 + 1/1 Eff Zoned T3 O Duplex. some general updates needed, now vacant, access by appointment. 

Start Bid:$258,000 
Buy Bid:$268,000

1832 NW 67th St, Miami,  33147

3/1 sq ft 803 Lot sq ft. 3,615 built 1943, great flip or rental, turnkey, occupied, will be vacant at closing,clean title, access by appointment. * DO NOT DISTURB TENANT *

Start Bid:$109,000
Buy Bid:$119,000

11547 SW 7th St, Miami,  33174

3/2.5 sq ft. 1400 Lot sq ft. 2,113 built 1989, remodeled,vacant at closing, access by appointment. 

Start Bid:$282,000
Buy Bid:$292,000

220 NE 12th Ave. Unit 29, Homestead, 33030

3/2 sq ft. 1,456 Lot sq ft. 4,581 built 2002, MANUFACTURED HOME Built 2002, some updates needed, access by appointment. 

220 NE 12th Ave unit 78 sold $119k
220 NE 12th Ave unit 93 sold $115k
220 NE 12th Ave unit 177 sold $115k

Start Bid:$78,900 
Buy Bid:$88,900